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DynaStudy’s founders created and launched the first DynaNotes student course notes to Texas schools in January 2006. Our message was simple:

  • Students can get off the downward “I-don’t-know-this-I’m-stupid” spiral and onto the upward progress-effort-progress-effort spiral with the right support.
  • For many students, the easy-to-use DynaNotes can stand in as that support much of the time, freeing up the teacher to work with those who need more than a terminology reminder or a few examples of application.
  • At year’s end, these same students have something easy to study that they have become familiar with, and, more importantly, most actually do — what a difference in the test scores when students choose to study!

Demand grew as students and teachers both reaped the benefits of having comprehensive, concise, colorful, organized notes that accurately addressed Texas’ tested curriculum. DynaStudy became the leading provider of student course notes to Texas’ schools.

However, professional DynaNotes publications were never offered directly to students and their families … until now. As more schools shift to digital learning, the need for DynaNotes has only increased. Because students benefit from having physical notes in hand that they can highlight, write on, and look at while their screen remains on their assignments, we’ve made it easy for students and their families to buy and download a personal PDF that they may print. Use the links above to explore available titles.

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