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Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question, you may contact us to request more information.

  1. What does “personal use” mean?

    Personal use excludes professional use, such as use by school teachers, school administrators, companies, consultants, tutors, nonprofits, organizations, groups, etc. Personal use refers only to use by a student and his/her family (for the student’s benefit). A student or his/her family may buy, download, and use a DynaNotes student course notes title whether the student attends a public, private, virtual, or home school. In all cases, the file or copies of the file (physical or digital) may not be distributed to others or made available for distribution to or download by others.

  2. I work for a school/school district. How can I get DynaNotes student course notes for my district/school/classroom?

    For products and print permissions suitable for schools, please visit DynaNotes Pro.

  3. I am a tutor. How can I get DynaNotes student course notes for my students?

    The best way to accomplish this is for each student to purchase the needed title. Another option is for the tutor to purchase the title for a student using the gift option. The system does limit the number of purchases of any one title to one (1), however, so purchasing the same title for more than one student will require multiple checkouts.

  4. Can I review the content before I buy?

    A portion of each publication is available for review. The entire publication is not.

  5. How do I download my PDF of the title I purchased?

    After you complete your purchase, look for the link in the window to download your custom PDF file of the title. You may need to allow pop-up windows to complete the transaction and download the file. You will also receive an email with a link to download your custom PDF file.

  6. I clicked the link to download my PDF file. Where is it?

    Upon download, your computer or smartphone may:

      — prompt you to save the file in a particular location;
      — open the file in Adobe Reader or another viewer from which you can select “save” or “save as” so you may store it where you prefer; or,
      — simply save the file in a default location, such as in “Downloads,” “Documents,” “Files,” or “Desktop”

    If available on your device, a “Recents” viewer may also show the downloaded file’s location.

  7. Why does the PDF have my contact and order information on it?

    Third-party printers, such as OfficeMax, require written permissions to print a copyrighted work. By including your name with the single print permission on the file, printers can compare that information to your identification and make the permitted print-out. The PDF file includes other safeguards to discourage copying and distribution.

  8. We lost our print out. Can we print out the PDF again?

    The permissions do allow you to destroy compromised copies and print a replacement.

  9. How do I pay?

    Use the buttons to add the product(s) to your cart. Upon checkout, we accept payment via PayPal or a major credit card.

  10. Can I return my PDF for a credit?

    Returns may only be processed prior to downloading the PDF file. Once the PDF is downloaded, we cannot issue a refund.

  11. Do you offer tutoring services or referrals?

    No, we do not. The notes can be helpful to bring along to any teacher-based or tutor-based instruction or review. The teacher or tutor may use the notes while the student is present for the purpose of assisting the student. The student may not leave a copy with a teacher or tutor.

  12. I know DynaNotes work. How can I be a part of getting the word out that select titles are now available direct to students/parents?

    Anyone is welcome to share our home page with others who may benefit from DynaNotes — thank you! You may also let us know if you are interested in an Affiliate Program that may soon be available. Use the contact us form to describe how you can reach students or parents of students.

  13. What are DynaNotes student course notes?

    Please click here.

  14. How do students use DynaNotes student course notes?

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